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Capsule Wardrobe Subscription

Capsule Wardrobe Subscription

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Introducing our ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Subscription – a uniquely flexible and curated fashion experience designed for your convenience. With the freedom to subscribe for as many months as you like or opt for a one-off, each subscription includes a meticulously crafted 10-piece capsule, a personalised colour palette, and outfit ideas that effortlessly elevate your style. Plus, enjoy the ease of instantly shopping each look directly from your curated lookbook, delivered straight to your inbox.

How it Works

Subscription Flexibility: Choose how long you want to experience the magic of our capsule wardrobes. Subscribe for multiple months to continually refresh your style or opt for a one-off delivery for a special occasion or a quick wardrobe update.

Style Profile: Begin by creating your style profile. Share your fashion preferences, sizing, and lifestyle choices to help me curate the perfect 10-piece capsule that suits you.  A link to your style questionnaire will be sent to your inbox to get started on your style journey.
Expert Curation: Using my expertise I will handpick 10 versatile and timeless pieces tailored to your preferences. The capsule includes a personalised colour palette, ensuring cohesion and endless mix-and-match possibilities.
Lookbook Delivery: Receive your personalised capsule wardrobe lookbook directly to your email. This digital guide provides outfit ideas and easy access to shop each piece instantly – making your style transformation seamless.

Key Features

Effortless Shopping: Explore your curated lookbook and shop directly from it. Each item in your capsule is just a click away, making the entire shopping experience effortless and enjoyable.
Style Confidence: Unleash your style potential with the help of my curated colour palette and outfit ideas. Feel confident and put-together every day, knowing your wardrobe is thoughtfully designed for maximum versatility.
Personalised Experience: Enjoy a personalised approach to fashion with a 10-piece capsule tailored specifically for you. Discover how each piece complements your unique style and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.
No Commitment Pressure: Whether you're looking for a short-term style boost or a long-term wardrobe transformation, our subscription model allows you to decide how long you want to be a part of the ultimate capsule wardrobe experience.

Join the Capsule Revolution

Redesigning your wardrobe has never been this easy and enjoyable. Elevate your style effortlessly with our Capsule Wardrobe Subscription – a subscription that adapts to your needs, providing curated fashion and styling inspiration right to your inbox. Subscribe today and transform your fashion journey, one capsule at a time.

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